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The Thurmont Ministerium, Inc. is an inter-faith group of congregations and community organizations located in the greater Thurmont area.  The purpose of the Thurmont Ministerium is to provide a central forum for the development of fellowship and collegial support among clergy, lay leaders and other community leaders. We also promote collaboration and cooperation in areas of professional development and community service, including seeking and implementing ways to respond to emergency human needs.

The Ministerium seeks to enhance and enrich the life of the community by addressing physical and spiritual needs, and by working toward a more just and compassionate society.  Toward those ends, the Ministerium coordinates The Thurmont Food Bank, the Catoctin Community Medical Fund, and directly sponsors other programs, as well as working collaboratively with other service providers in responding to emergency human needs.

The Thurmont Ministerium, Inc. has its origins in people of faith.  While the members are primarily Christian, and the organization sponsors Christian activities, representatives of all faith communities in the greater Thurmont area are welcome. Collaborative and interfaith activities may be sponsored by The Ministerium. 

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